Electric motors Recycling

Electric motors are everywhere: in household appliances such as washing machines and PCs or in heavy industrial processes such as motors for driving large pumps and machines. Electric motors are also increasingly being used in new developments such as wind turbines and hybrid vehicles.

Electric motors are used more and more often.

So they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether new, old, large or small; we buy all electric motors from you.

When motors are delivered, we determine how these motors are processed. Smaller engines are shredded or exported, while large engines are stripped at our site. The dimensions and tonnages of the engines are not limited. If necessary, they are processed on site.

After processing, the existing raw materials, such as copper, iron and aluminium, are ready for use again.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can quickly provide you with a price quotation for the electric motor in question, often only based on a photo.